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is small and they are coming from across the country to show support. a timeline for the morning at 8:45 they expect the procession to depart santa cruz beach, the beach area, and leave for san jose. if 10:30 to 11:00 they are putting the procession as arriving here at the h.p. pavilion, between 11:00 and 12:00 guests arrive and they have the memorial service starting at noon. it is tough to predict how long it will last but they are saying possibly until 5:00 this afternoon and the family will attend private events. we do have a long list, an impressive list of dignitaries including governor brown, attorney general harris, former defense secretary panetta, and
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american idol contestant who is from santa cruz, a native, he will perform. it is a full day planned, a very solemn day. it will be an amazing town out. >> thank you, amy. if you live in santa cruz and don't have a way to get to the memorial the metro is offering bus vouchers for the ride over hill open highway 17. if you need one, go to abc7 news come and look under "see it on tv." caltrain and amtrak offer free trains to law enforcement personnel. kaiser permanente arena in santa cruz opens at 10:00. they will show the service live today. parking at depot park is free today. there is a link to public transportation and other parking lots in santa cruz on our website. we will carry the service live from the pavilion here on abc7
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news. our coverage will start with our midday news at 11:00 and we will stream the service at >> investigators are trying to find out why a 24-year-old volunteer intern attack and killed by a lion was inside the big cat's enclosure while working yesterday at project survival cat haven sanctuary 45 miles east of fresno. this is video of the african lion. authorities arrived they found her severely injured, the founder of cat haven said they were unable to lure the lion away from the body. >> the lion was shot and killed. our thoughts and prayers go out to our friend and family and to her family at this time. >> this morning, it is said she died at the scene. they are trying to determine what might have provoked the sanctuary and whether protocol
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was followed. >> san jose police are searching for suspects and a motive in the latest homicide. a man was found stabbed to death. investigators are looking for evidence at oak grove park. the man was in his late teens or 20's and died a few hours before the body was scoffed. >> a judge will rule on a motion to dismiss or reduced vehicle manslaughter charge against a man who hit and killed a 71-year-old pedestrian. the defense attorney filed the motion yesterday arguing that the surveillance video shows the 36-year-old bicyclists was in the intersection when the light turned red. they witnesses testified that he ran the red light. >> walnut creek police are asking for the public's help in identifying a bank robber caught on camera. the man held up the chase bank in a mall around 2:00 yesterday
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afternoon. he handed a note to a teller and demanded money. he is in his 30's at 5' 10" with a goatee and wearing a tan striped dress shirt and glasses. anyone with information should contact the police. >> president obama is set to sign the newly reauthorized violence against women act this morning. the house passed the expanded measure last week which now brings gays, lesbians, transgender people, native americans and immigrants under protection. the legislation authorized funding to programs that help victims and for prosecutors of domestic violence cases. there are also new provisions on stalking that cover the use of spyware and video surveillance equipment. >> we expect new details on the grounded boeing 787 dreamliner. this morning, the national transportation safety board is giving an update on the investigation after battery fires aboard two 787's. bowing is waiting for the f.a.a.
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to clear their proposed "fix" for a battery problem. the f.a.a. will not give the grown lights to fly until they are sure the batteries are safe. the boeing 787 dreamliner was grounded in january days after making its debut. >> someone in the east bay could be waking up a multi-millionaire. a super lottery plus ticket with six correct numbers was purchased in walnut creek at a shell station at heather farms and worth $33 million. the numbers are: 1, 2, 3, 22, 34, with mega number at eight. when the winner claims the prize it will take six to eight weeks to seat money. >> mike nicco could frequent that neighborhood from time to time. could he be the lucky dude?
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>> mike in my wife is the lottery buyer. >> we have shower activity right now. over the last hour you can see this is moving from southwest to northeast, so headed clipping cloverdale and everyone else is quiet. temperatures are running cooler than they were by double digits, hayward, sfo, and san jose, seven to nine degrees cooler. everyone else is 10 to 14 degrees cooler. you may need a heavier coat this morning. with mid-upper 30's in mid-valley. the bay shore is in the low-to-mid 40's. same for san francisco at 47. in the afternoon we have isolated showers that will build through noon. the heaviest showers and wide-spread coverage is from
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4:00 until 9:00 this evening. once the storm passes, this is the second act we talked about a dry push of air for tomorrow and sunshine with seasonal air. >> we have an accident, a big rig that is off the roadway southbound 680 and you may see activity with tow trucks trying to get the big rig on the road wait a minute right now we don't have any significant delays in the area. north 66 to high street, north 880, from 66 to high, we have road work in the lanes for a few more minutes, 20 more minutes. also, southbound, 880 from 237 to the great mall parkway you have road work in the lanes. >> the man brought in to clean up oakland's crime problem
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speaks for the first time on his plans for the city. bratton talks about the practice of "stop and frisk." the switch to day light savings will cost us an hour of sleep but there is a push to ease the pain. now this morning's tech bytes. >> microsoft is apologizing for not obeying a european union order to give windows users a choice of web browseers. they slapped the company with a $731 million fine yesterday. it is considered a warning to other firms. >> the new video game of tomb raiders shows a young and vulnerable laura croft. she is still brilliant and forceful. look at the bar tender of the future which can create beverages in ten seconds using 15 different ingredients. the robot is expected to sell for $2,500. you don't have to leave a tip.
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those are
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>> fremont, palo alto, north bay and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. >> this afternoon the lowell high school track team will wear green ribbons at their meet to honor a teammate who was killed in san francisco. the 17-year-old was hit and killed by while across the boulevard at vale avenue on saturday night. the track team decided to wear green rather than black because it was her favorite color. the driver who hit her, 29-year-old woman, appeared in court yesterday but did not enter a plea. she is charged with manslaughter and felony d.w.i. >> after months of anticipation, oakland's new police consultant made the first public appearance in the city. former los angeles police chief lowered the crime rates there and in new york but support of the stop-and-frisk policy has
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touched off concern. our reporter has more. >> it was bratton to the rescue, the former head of police departments in los angeles and new york came to oakland promising fast results. >> this is a very winnable situation here in oakland. there is a lot of opportunity here to make some early gains quickly. >> with oakland seeing a surge in violent crime, bratton and the team of consultants are paid $250,000 to reverse this. he will look at new ways to get assistance from state and federal law enforcement and will improve oakland's real time crime tracking computer system. he endorsed the controversial police tactic known as "stop and frisk." >> there is not a police department in america that is effective without it. >> i expect them to practice constitutional police willing. we do this in oakland as part of what i expect officers to do but
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it must be based on reasonable suspicion. >> defense attorney is helping to oversee federally mandated reforms in oakland. >> his efforts at trying to reduce crime are important and positive. >> he returns to new york where he expressed interest in" old commissioner's job, and will be back in oakland several times over the next three months with recommendations which the police department has the choice to accept or not. >> airport officials are trying to figure how a bullet got beyond security in phoenix, arizona, in the cabin of the jet at second moan to, international airport. a flight attendant found the .22 caliber on the floor after the southwest airlines flight arrived from phoenix which was not fired. t.s.a. officials say the pilot asked for the plane to be subjected before passenger boarded it for the next flight to portland.
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nothing else was discovered. they don't know who brought the bullet on board. >> daylight savings is on sunday with an effort to spring forward a dayerlier. mattress company seas too many show up to work tired the monday after daylight savings time kicks in and the company is launching a petition on facebook urging lawmakers to switch it permanently from sunday to saturday. >> there are a few things can you do to adjust to the time change. experts recommend start changing your routine a few days ahead of time. each night, go to bed and get up 15 minutes earlier. move the alarm far away so you have to get out of bet. it sounds like sleep training with babies. you want to move your schedule, do it 15 minutes at a time. >> anyone here want to get up 15 minutes earlier? >> please! >> no comment. because there is no good comment .
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>> now a look outside at what is going on you can see the wall of water developing over the ocean where the greatest instability is. the ocean water is warmer than land right now so when you bring that cold air over the warm ocean water you can see what it is doing with yellow developing out there that is light-to-moderate rain. it is all headed toward us. the closer you are to the coast the more likely you are to get wet. the bay bridge, they said would cut off at 2:30 but they have been keeping it on longer. it is fascinating. how do you dress when you leave the house? san jose is at 42 and mill valley, same thing. 40 at palo alto and walnut creek and san jose is looking good. it is more dry than yesterday. and the temperatures in santa rosa and napa and fairfield, livermore, and mid-to-upper 30's
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, gilroy 41. we have showers building throughout the morning and in the afternoon. dry air arrives tomorrow with another extended period of warm and cry weather that could last seven or eight days before the next chance of rain. here is the trough low pressure over us. there is the low we are dealing with, the final push use look upstream. it is quiet. we just have to get through, say, the next 12 to 18 hours. then we will be free of the rain as we head into the weekend. here is how it plays out. at 7:00 this morning you can see the rain is offshore. headed to the evening, the rain moved inland. best chance of rain is from noon to 8:00. and the whole system will sink to the south and you can see as we head through friday evening a few clouds out there but,
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definitely, won't have rain to contend with, and we will get another .25 to .5" of rain closer to the coast and the rest of us headed to the east, .1" to .25". the seven-day outlook shows temperatures in the low-to-mid 50's and we will gain sunshine and warmth tomorrow, low 60's away from the coast and mid-to-upper 60's for saturday, 70's returning on sunday. if you are away from the coast, monday, tuesday, and wednesday next week you are in the low-to-mid 70's but near 60's at the coast. >> we have no chain requirements on either 50 or 80 if you are headed to the tahoe area. that is an improvement from yesterday. big rig off the roadway, southbound, southbound 680. the tow truck is on the way. an accident in the oakland area, southbound, 880 at 98 partly blocking the off-ramp and you can see red censors so the traffic is slow.
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the officer funeral procession begins in santa cruz at 8:45 affecting north 17, and southbound 85 and traffic around h.p. pavilion and there will be rolling closures along this route. the procession starts at 8:45 in santa cruz, and noon is the service at h.p. pavilion. expect delays along the route. >> new this morning the united nations security council is expected to vote in a few hours on a united states and chinese resolution that imposes the strongest u.n. sanctions ever against north korea. it comes in response to north korea's latest nuclear test conducted last month. the ambassador expressed home that it would be approved unanimously. north korea says they will exercise their right for a preemptive nuclear attack saying the united states is publicking to start a nuclear war against the communist country 789. >> no date from the vatican for the conclave to select a new
4:49 am
pope. the cardinals arrived for another day of meetings awaiting for one last colleague to join them before they decide whether to begin the conclave. the cardinal from vietnam will arrive today. the american cardinals in rome have canceled their popular daily briefings out of concern that details of the secret proceeding could be leaked. >> the president has a meeting with republican lawmakers at the white house about the sequester and will address the caucuses on capitol hill next week. president obama treated a dozen of them to a special dinner in washington last night, just a few hours after house republicans passed a plan to prevent a government shut down and ease the impact of the $85 billion across-the-board spending cuts that took affect last week. >> today's big announcement from facebook and you will never look at your page quite the same again. >> turn down that music. we will tell you which city is launching a new campaign against loud music
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>> when you log on to facebook it is about to change. they are unveiling a new look for the new feature today at the menlo park headquarters that will allow users to browse specific types of posts like photos or music shared by others. the changes are intended to address a frequents complaint from users that they have little control over what appears on the feed. facebook debuted the news feed in 2006 and drew anger from some users concerned about privacy. they ahead changes to ease the concerns. >> the f.a.a. says several bay area small airport toy we ares have to close. 173 are slated to close as a result of federal sequester cuts the four airports here we talking about, santa rosa, concord, livermore and san carlos operated by private
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companies that the government contracts with. private planes could still land there but corporate planes may choose not to. a trade group calls the closures unprecedented. >> it is 4:55 on the nose as we continue to enjoy the light show on the golden gate bridge. will we enjoy the weather? >> i don't know. >> always mesmerized by the weather. here is what is going on. right now, it is quiet out there. as we head to the sierra, can you see the snow is starting to taper so that is good news if you trying to get up that way with a lot of fresh powder to ski open. the big picture, you can see scattered snow showers in the sierra and wet weather down in southern cal and long the coast our best radar returns with the next system sliding right down the coast. watch it right here as it comes
4:54 am
down the coast and with it, it will hurl moisture at most areas of the coast. it will be in the central valley in the afternoon. 35 at tahoe and 60 in sacramento and 53 in monterey and low 60's headed down to san diego and los angeles. it will be wet today. sue? >> good morning, we have a couple of lane closures at bay bridge with maintenance work so you are finding a slight delay, a few cars backed up. we have someone merging or an accident right here. we will look at that but you will find minimal delay on the left side of the toll plaza. elsewhere, we will look at the oakland area where we have an accident partly blocking the off-ramp at 98 and this is southbound 880, and, also, road work in lanes southbound 880 from 237 to great mall parkway for another five minutes or so. katie and kristen? >> for people who have had a stroke, the key to coverage
4:55 am
could be as simple as taking a walk. researchers in toronto studied 41 stroke patients, the majority who had trouble walking. the patients walked and did strength training for five day as week for six months. they saw marked improvement in physical ability and also in concentration, planning, and organizing skills. >> new york city is one noisy place and now the mayor is trying to turn down your personnel noise. the mayor bloomberg is launching a $250 million campaign to warn teens they risk losing hearing from listening to music players with their earphones at levels above the 85 decibels that experts say can cause permanent hearing damage. this is new york's latest public health campaign following attacks on cigarettes and soda. >> and the bay area pays tribute to two fallen santa cruz police officers. at 5:00 a.m., the small but
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special ways the community is age them. >> the bay area company sets up to help the people responsible for poisoning a k-9 member of
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ive. >> live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> action on this thursday, a dry morning so far, thanks for joining us, i am kristen sze. >> i am here for eric thomas, i am katie marzullo. mike? >> good morning, we are starting off with live doppler 7 hd. unlike yesterday, we are starting off dry this morning. most of the showers are still over the ocean but they are working toward us. it will be after the morning commute when most of us have do
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deal with the wet weather. it is during mid-morning to the evening hours we will have our window of wet weather. temperatures are in the mid-50's for highs and same inland but at the coast, it will be breezy at times and temperatures hanging around 50. you will have the heaviest and steady rain. >> back to south of pleasanton where a big rig has been off the road. they need a tow truck to get it out. it is not blocking the lane south 680 but it is out there and later on you may find delays. south 880 at 98 an accident partly blocking the off-ramp in oakland and the officer funeral procession will begin at 8:45 from santa cruz so expect rolling closures northbound 17 to southbound 85 to north 87 to the h.p. pavilion where the service begins at noon. kristen and katie? >> there will be a traff

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